Why does Pluto Delivery love the local  foodie culture?

Written by: Akhilla Thirumala - Co. Pluto Delivery


Foodies are the backbone of Pluto Delivery because they know local restaurants, ingredients, cooking styles, and prioritize quality. All these values are pillars of foodie culture and coincidentally the pillars of Pluto Delivery. We use foodie culture to support foodie culture! 



Foodies know local restaurants from the inside out

Foodies are not the normal consumer who orders the same kinds of food every  time from the same generic fast food chain. Their passion is trying new food and criticizing it using their knowledge and experience. Because of this, not a single food item is left untouched. Foodies know their restaurants and the menus in and out. Using their expertise, Pluto looks into local restaurants which have the best rated food to offer to the public and initiate them as partners. This would not be possible without foodie culture of trying everything. 

Foodies know the ingredients

What differentiates local restaurants and fast food? Quality. Fresh ingredients, cleanliness, health precautions, and more are factors that make local establishments stand out amongst the rest. Foodies have experience and can easily tell the difference between greasy fast food and fresh meals. Locally grown ingredients are of utmost importance, along with fresh production of food. Pluto would not be running without quality foodie culture.  

Foodies know cooking 

Cooking styles and techniques are a key factor in what makes locally owned food businesses so high-quality and interesting. Unique cooking procedures are what make local restaurants important as well as their cooking quality. Foodies can recognize and appreciate this from a mile away. Foodies are not only well versed in cooking styles, but cultures. They know their world food types and cooking techniques, so no matter the restaurant, foodies can thoroughly critic. Foodie expertise in cooking styles leads us to the best local restaurants.

Foodies prioritize quality over price 

Although cheap and quality food does exist, usually local restaurants have higher prices than typical fast food. This is due to the cooking styles, locally grown ingredients, and fresh food. Foodies know that quality doesn’t come at a small price and put taste over all other factors. This aligns with Pluto’s mission of delivering only the highest-quality food, usually sourced from local restaurants.