What is the safest food delivery service to use during COVID-19?

Written by: Akhila Thirumala - Co. Pluto Delivery

June 15, 2020


COVID-19 makes food delivery risky, therefore Pluto Delivery is the safest to deliver from in the Atlanta area because not only do we value quality, but also the safety of their customers beyond any other generic delivery company. Pluto Delivery takes the extra mile and double-checks that every customer receives completely sanitary items handled with precaution. 


The Coronavirus is scary and unpredictable. Caution is needed in every situation of daily life now. Cooking is not a strong suit among many of us, and due to the quarantine restrictions, grocery shopping is also very limited. In an age of convenience it is, well convenient, to order food. But considering COVID-19, ordering food is super risky. It is worse for the delivery workers because they are constantly out in the open and touching things that travel many places. 

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “There is no evidence of food or food packaging being associated with transmission of COVID-19.” Considering this uncertainty, it is important to wash hands, use gloves, sanitize everything, and keep everyone handling food equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE). Better safe than sorry! According to The National Safety Council of America, “When ordering for delivery, remember that the front porch or doorway is now the delivery person’s workspace. If possible, use the contactless delivery option so food can be left at your door, a safer option for both of you.” 

Taking into account all the information released on how to proactively and safely order and deliver food, our food delivery company stands out among the rest. Pluto Delivery, the safest and highest-quality food delivery service, has a mission to help ensure the safety of both employees and customers. Our company is built off of the importance of quality, therefore safety is not foreign to us. We have successfully adapted to the COVID-19 situation by equipping their employees with PPE and sanitizing everything. We work with Project Paralink to combine quality PPE with quality food delivery, ensuring the best experience for the customer every single time. 

Let’s take a closer look at exactly how Pluto has handled the pandemic and why we are the safest option out there. The packaging Pluto sends out has tamper proof stickers. These innovative stickers help the customers easily identify if their packages have been messed with. The stickers also prevent drivers from opening the package, knowing there will be repercussions. Above all, these tamper proof stickers are the perfect tool for sanitary safety, ensuring that everything is sealed and protected. Another feature Pluto has implemented into their delivery to maintain safety is the requirement of a restaurant worker to take a picture of the food after being prepared and send it to the customer. This allows users to compare food before and after the delivery. This feature further prevents drivers from tampering with packages and ensures the safety of the customer. Pluto Delivery is by far the safest food delivery service during this COVID-19 pandemic.