Why is quality food delivery more expensive?

Written by: Akhila Thirumala - Co. Pluto Delivery

June 29, 2020


Food delivery that is high quality is expensive for reasons including local sourcing, positive employee treatment, innovative packaging, support of small restaurants, and more. Pluto Delivery ONLY sources from locally owned restaurants to maintain high food quality and treat their drivers well by giving them extensive training as well as well-deserved compensation. With biodegradable packaging and 100% profits to small restaurants, along with various safety features, Pluto Delivery upholds quality and therefore is more expensive to give the best experience to every customer. 



Sourced Locally 

Pluto only sources from a handful of local restaurants to maintain quality. The restaurants are handpicked by foodies and critics. In fact, recommendations made by food critics and foodies are the only ways restaurants are featured!  Pluto Delivery strives to capture the local flavor and provide people with actual sustenance. Because of this, food from local restaurants, the only Pluto delivers, will most likely be more expensive. Local restaurants have high-quality food, unlike cheap and greasy fast food. In order for Pluto and local restaurants to give its customers the best experience, only high-quality (and often expensive) food is delivered. 

Positive Employee Treatment 

Drivers have thorough training, ranging from app training to customer service. Because quality is important to Pluto, only drivers who have a background in customer service, for example an ex hotel valet worker, and an exceptional track record are considered for the job. They also are more understanding of food handling and deliver your food to you in perfect condition. Drivers who work for Pluto Delivery are compensated more per order payment on average compared to other food delivery companies. This is because of all the criteria to become a driver along with Pluto’s values to pay hard-working individuals what they truly deserve. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, drivers are angels sent from heaven! 

Innovative Packaging 

Pluto packaging is made from sugarcane, a biodegradable, compostable and eco-friendly material. It’s harvested and regrows, fully, every year, capturing more CO2 from the atmosphere. Because it regenerates, it’s a renewable material that will never run out. Sugarcane helps bring nutrients back to the soil it’s planted on, even depleted pastureland. It’s a material that goes beyond not doing harm and actually does some good. Because of all these positive features, manufacturing Pluto packaging will cost more than a cheap looking and harmful plastic bag. 

Supporting Restaurants 

Locally-owned restaurants suffer in an oversaturated environment filled with corporate fast food chains. To make it worse, COVID-19 has made it nearly impossible for these local businesses to stay afloat. To help these underrated and overlooked restaurants, Pluto not only sources solely from them, but also allows them to keep 100% of the order revenue. Unlike other run-of-the-mill food delivery companies, Pluto does NOT exploit small businesses for their own benefit. Because of these greedy delivery companies, the food delivery name has been tarnished and small restaurants try to avoid the industry all together. Pluto works to change the food delivery reputation for good. 

Extra Features 

In order to ensure the sanitary safety of both drivers and customers as well as maintain food quality, features such as tamper-proof stickers and mandatory pictures to consumers are included in the Pluto Delivery regime. Tamper-proof stickers help the customers easily identify if their packages have been messed with. The stickers also prevent drivers from opening the package, knowing there will be repercussions. Above all, these tamper proof stickers are the perfect tool for sanitary safety, ensuring that everything is sealed and protected. Another feature Pluto has implemented into their delivery to maintain safety is the requirement of a restaurant worker to take a picture of the food after being prepared and send it to the customer. This allows users to compare food before and after the delivery. This feature further prevents drivers from tampering with packages and ensures the safety of the customer.