Why is quality important in food delivery?

Written by: Akhila Thirumala Co. Pluto Delivery

June 18, 2020


Although convenience is very important to virtually everyone in the twenty-first century, quality is always better than quantity. The most frequently cited reason as to why customers are often disappointed with their food delivery service is the quality of the food in both presentation and taste. Quarantine makes it hard to have the perfect food experience and the only option is delivery. Pluto Delivery, unlike many generic food delivery companies, is built on the value of quality, perfect for avid foodies. 


Food is very important to us, but eating amazing food isn’t just about consumption. It is about the experience. The packaging, the presentation, the feel, and the taste are factors that make eating an experience. When ordering food from a delivery service, these factors are often pushed aside or not considered at all. All the foodies out there cringe at this practice. Delivery companies have employees who mishandle the food, leaving it lop-sided and disheveled. They take forever to get to you, leaving your food soggy and unappealing. It becomes cold and loses the taste you wanted.

Many people prefer dining in for the reason that getting your food hot and fresh adds to the experience. Food delivery often misses the mark. According to Technomic’s Takeout & Off-Premise report, “60% of consumers say the most critical factor in ordering delivery was that food tasted just as good as dining in, and 45% of consumers say they want food to taste just as fresh as in the restaurant.” Foodies out there struggling with COVID-19, and frankly anyone with a knack for good food, look for quality. 

Although food delivery was initially created for convenience, quality is a key factor, especially to those who look for the experience. Now, as food delivery is a way of life in this COVID-19 era, the industry is evolving and values quality food over quick food. During quarantine, everyone has all the time in the world. Having an amazing meal is a blessing to many. Keeping all these factors in mind, we launched Pluto Delivery around the value of quality, targeting avid foodies who look for the local experience. 

Pluto Delivery focuses on solely locally owned and small restaurants because we want to prioritize quality, which is generally lacking with fast food chains. We want to illuminate the beauty of food that is made with love and passion, by hand. We do not source from run-of-the-mill restaurants and search for the highest-quality and humane places. In fact, being humane is one of Pluto’s core values. We strive to make customers feel part of a family rather than a cold interaction with a corporate business. The more comfortable the customer feels, the better the overall experience. Pluto constantly strives to please customers with quality and service rather than chase profits.