What is the best high-quality food delivery in Atlanta?

Written by Akhila Thirumala - Co. Pluto Delivery

June 13, 2020

Food delivery is a staple during the COVID-19 pandemic, so quality matters. Unlike most companies who deliver soggy and misplaced food, Pluto Delivery’s mission is to improve food conditions. By making quality the main focus rather than money, Pluto’s customer satisfaction is through the roof.

To all the foodies out there, our condolences. COVID-19 makes it nearly impossible to get the satisfaction of eating out. Food isn’t just about the taste, it is about the experience. Staying home and ordering in from some mediocre delivery service just doesn’t have the same feel. The magic of good food has a lot to do with presentation and attractiveness. Food being mishandled along with the excruciating wait just takes away from the experience as a whole. Pluto Delivery recognizes these problems and strives to give their customers the highest-quality delivery. 

The founders of Pluto Delivery share the story of what inspired them to create the company. “Let’s start from the beginning. It’s 2:05AM on February 29th, 2020 and we were starving. Pizza, burgers, boba? At this point, anything was fair game. So like most people, we went on Postmates and after 30 excruciating minutes of choosing the lesser evil, the group got some burgers. 65 minutes later, our ‘food’ arrived. It was sideways, soggy and in general- very sad. This story repeated itself time and time again regardless of the platform we ordered from. So we invented Pluto. We only deliver the food you want to eat, the type of food that blows up on your insta feed. The type of food that feeds your stomach and your soul. It tastes awesome, and it gets here fast.”

As you all can tell, the company started with a common experience shared by anyone who frequently consumes delivered food. Other delivery businesses focus on money and speed when getting your food to you. Pluto was created with the sole purpose to not only get your food to you faster, but with more care. Most (sane) people would like to have their burgers and fries still intact when they open the box for the reveal. Soggy food is not appealing and lop-sided pizza isn’t easy on the eye. Pluto takes all that into consideration, more than consideration actually, it is the basis of the whole company. As many of you have heard before. Quality is what Pluto strives for, setting it apart from the typical run-of-the-mill delivery company.

DoorDash – March 20, 2018