We’re Abolishing Predatory Delivery Platforms 

It’s time things got shaken up. Welcome to Pluto: The food delivery platform that’s better for your business in almost every way.

No Order Fees

Using Pluto’s delivery model, you’ll never have to pay an order commission again- that means you keep 100% of the revenue, more than 30% higher than our closest competitor.

Secure Delivery

Pluto invests heavily into rigid packaging, tamper proof sealing, and high quality drivers. That means your order arrives to your customers the same way it left. 

Refund Insurance

A customer’s having an issue with their order? Pluto automatically helps you cover up to 50% of all refund claims to help protect you and your business. 

Customer Insights

With Pluto, you get complete insight and transparency into your customer base like never before. With our in-built marketing platform, you’re able to target and re-target your customers with ease. 

Free Photography

When restaurants join the platform, we send out our best media personnel to cover them completely free of charge. Although we’ll be using this to market you on Pluto, you’ll be able to use them for your own projects.

Join The Movement

We’re launching soon, contact us now for more info and early bird pricing options.